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Malapascua really does have it all when it comes to diving!

Malapascua is known for some of the best shark diving in the Philippines, famous for the thresher sharks which can be seen at any time of year at Monad Shoal and Kemod Shoal. This area is reputedly the only place in the world where the thresher shark can be seen within recreational diver limits on a regular basis.

Malapascua also has a reputation for first class macro diving. It is almost guaranteed that you will witness, amongst other things, a plethora of nudibranch, frog fish, mandarin fish, cuttlefish, sea horses, sea moths, octopus, gurnards and pipefish while diving with us. 

Fun Diving Price List 2021

PLEASE NOTE: There is a government tax that is charged per diving day (300PHP) to all of our divers. As well as a Marine Park fee (100PHP) that applies to some of our dive sites, like Monad.